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As a yarn business field leader, SHIEH-FA TEXTILE CO., LTD.and SAN FA ORGANIZE YARN FACTORY of Herng Fa have 60 sets of twisted yarn machines providing the head twist processing business to reduce the cost of products, and the company further has invested in the production of Polyester mono monofilament and fiber-distributing factories as well as Nylon production plants; a coherent combination of upstream and downstream makes us more competitive.


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Nylon Yarn

Nylon Yarn

Nylon Yarn

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twisted yarn

Industrial Twisted Yarns

Dyed Yarn

dyed yarn

Industrial Dyed Yarns


Quality Certification

Through the introduction of the ISO 9001 quality management system, the company ensures the quality of its products, and adheres to the quality policy of “Quality, Service, and Customer Reassurance”.

The senior management team develops the company's quality objectives through quality policy and achieves the company's strategy and direction of sustainable operation through performance of each unit.